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Why Your Business Needs Interior Signage

architectural business interior sign

If you have ever spent time looking for a fun new coffee shop to visit, tried locating your favorite restaurant, noticed a new boutique opened down the street from work, or simply looked up while driving, business signs may be a familiar sight to you. Many consumers, and businesses, are most familiar with exterior signage because they are so easy to see. The importance of these signs is just as easy to see – they mark your business’ location, attract new customers, and increase your profits. However, while they may be less noticeable, interior signs are equally as important for your business. Interior signs extend your branding, create an inviting atmosphere, and help customers navigate your space.

Extend Your Branding

If you stop and think about big brand names you may be able to recall their logo, brand colors, or even their slogan. This is something called brand association, and the more positive associations with your brand a consumer has, the more likely you are to gain repeat and loyal customers. Big brand names are able to achieve such high levels of brand association because they are constantly exposing their customers to these important brand elements. This is something every business should strive for and can be achieved with signage. While exterior signage is a prime example of branding, good businesses understand the importance of extending their branding beyond the front door. You can hang your logo above the reception desk, display your slogan on door vinyl, and even design a mural wall that tells the story of your business. With the use of interior signage, you can further emphasize the important elements of your brand and make lasting impressions on your customers.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

When it comes to making first impressions, it only takes seven seconds. The moment a customer is introduced to your business they begin formulating an opinion of you and the products and services you offer. While exterior signage may be the first introduction consumers have to the quality of your business, interior signage helps further extend that message of quality. Interior signage enhances the appearance of your space, conveys care for your customers, encourages sales, and creates loyal customers. The use of signage can extend beyond the practical to help beautify your space in a way that employees, vendors, and customers will all enjoy. With the integration of important brand elements alongside fun designs, your options are limitless! You can turn white walls into statement walls with colorful vinyl, highlight important donors with different sized plaques, use door vinal in conference rooms to create more privacy for important meetings, incorporate in LED lights to brighten up the space and add a fun pop of color, and so much more.

Help Customers Navigate Your Space

However, when it comes to using interior signage for practical purposes, it may be for wayfinding and compliance reasons. Unlike seasoned employees, your customers will not know where things are located in your building or how to navigate your space accordingly. For this reason, it’s vital that you incorporate wayfinding signage throughout your space that points to the restrooms, elevators, stairs, and exits. In addition, you may also want to include building directories by the front door or maps by the elevators that highlight emergency fire escape routes. Another important element to consider is that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has established important standards for signage that, if violated, can result in steep fines. So, ensuring that your signage complies with these standards can save you from unnecessary heartache and money loss.

Design Your Interior Sign Package with Comet Signs

In addition to exterior signage, Comet Signs wants to help you design the perfect interior sign package that best fits your needs. Contact us today and begin working with our in-house team of designers that will help Bring your Brand to Life!