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On Premise Sign Permitting

Comet Signs has the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to properly permit your signage project.

It is critical that your project has the correct permits to ensure it is within the state and local regulations. We have dedicated and experienced permit managers that conduct the entire application, sign permitting services, and final inspection process.

Comet Signs has vast experience in winning variance requests to help you maximize your sign square footage and sign height. We carry a Texas Master Sign Electrician contractor's license as required for permitting, manufacture and install of electrical signs.

Our dedicated & experienced permit managers

Where does permitting fit within the sign creation process?  

Our first step is to perform a code check for the city or municipality in which the signs will be installed. This information lets us know what the city will permit. Once a design is approved by the customer and, if required, the landlord we can move into permitting.

There are times when a permit application requires stamped engineering so we will secure that prior to permitting. There are some projects that don’t require engineering but we feel it best to have it like on overhead signs or tall signs, so we will secure that after or while in permitting.


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We have vast experience in winning variance requests to help you maximize your sign square footage and sign heights

Turnkey Sign Permitting

A city or municipality can fine you if you dont have the proper permits, our permitting service ensures that your sign designs and build meet the proper regulations. The code allowances published by the city/municipality are what drives the design of the signage. Permits are needed before the sign is manufactured but after client approval.

A variance request also can be filed, its when you request the city for permission to install signage that exceeds or does not meet the published code allowance. Its usually based on safety concerns or visibility issues.

How long does it take to get the appropriate permits?

This varies by city/municipality. We typically tell clients to expect at least two weeks for permits. But, if we are aware that the process is more difficult and takes longer (like in Houston, New York, Florida, etc.) we will advise them of that.

Not all cities and municipalities have the same requirements but typically you must provide:

  • The application
  • Set of drawings showing the construction materials and install method of signs
  • A site plan showing the location of signs.

**There are times when we must provide a civil site plan that shows easements and property lines and some times when stamped engineering is required.**

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To meet the needs of our customers all around Texas we have five conveniently located facilities in Dallas, Tyler, San Antonio, Austin and Houston.  Three of our facilities are state of the art manufacturing in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio to provide the best signage solutions for our clients. Our facilities are equipped to produce pylons, cabinets, channel letters, vacuum form faces and digital graphics for sign projects large and small. Whether you are planning a national brand conversion or need a sign package for a single location, contact us today to discuss your project.

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