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Custom Pole Signs

Rising tall in the sky, pylon signs are the ultimate way to attract and notify customers of your location. Our permitting specialists work with your municipality to maximize sign size and height while adhering to local sign statutes. Our state of the art CNC manufacturing equipment will make sure that your pylon sign will be rock solid as well as unique and eye catching.

Pylon signs are illuminated cabinets mounted on welded, staged poles from 20 feet to 80 feet tall. Pylon signs, commonly referred to as pole signs, are ideal for attracting attention from afar. Pylon signs are commonly used by businesses such as hotels, buildings, gas stations, retail stores and more. They are frequently used on the side of roadways, freeways, and highways. We follow precise engineering standards to ensure structural stability and the ability to handle projected wind loads. Depending on sign size, our pylon sign faces are either vacuum formed faces or high-quality flex face material with a UV protective coating.

To meet the needs of our customers all around Texas, we have four convenient manufacturing centers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio to provide the best pylon sign solutions on the market. 

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