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LED Retrofit Services

LED RetrofitLED Retrofit Services

A proven leader in the sign industry, Comet Signs offers innovative LED lighting retrofit services to our customers throughout Texas and beyond.  We specialize in converting existing sign lighting to energy efficient LED lighting, which results in major savings on your bottom line. 

Benefits of LED

LED lighting retrofits are a popular request with our clients, and it’s easy to understand why.  The switch from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting comes with many benefits that make this service appealing to all markets.  First, LED light fixtures require less energy than their fluorescent counterparts, which results in energy savings of up to 76%.  Also, LED light fixtures are proven to significantly outlast fluorescents, which saves on maintenance costs.  LED lighting is attractive, higher quality, and illuminates with eye-catching brightness that attracts customers’ attention.  The switch to LED is a win-win solution for signage owners.  Key factors:

  • Energy Savings – between 50% & 75%
  • Maintenance – LEDs life expectancy is 4 times longer than fluorescent bulbs
  • Average ROI – 36 months

LED Retrofit Signage 

With our expertise, the team at Comet Signs can transform many signage types to an LED lighting system, including:

At Comet Signs we use only top quality LEDs for your project and our LEDs come in a variety of sizes and fit in most existing fluorescent sockets.  In addition, we back all of our retrofits with a project guarantee.

To learn more about our LED retrofit services, contact Comet Signs today! 

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