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Comet Signs understands that one of the most crucial decisions to make when it comes to effectively branding your business is choosing the right storefront signs that will make you visible in order to attract the right kinds of customers. How potential customers see your business is important right? 

One of the most important factors to consider is knowing your local zoning regulations. Before even thinking about the design of your storefront signs, business owners must gain a firm understanding of what the zoning requirements are for your type of sign. Believe it or not, every locality is governed by a zoning commission that looks at requirements such as:

  • Location
  • Height
  • Illumination Controls
  • Size
  • Color
  • Messaging 
  • Font

There are also different types of material to consider,  that can be applied to different types of signs such as metal, awnings, rock or stone, glass tube light, and many others.

Our business is diversified to serve a variety of industries that include gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, sports venues, professional offices, financial institutions and more...

We have the capabilities to create signs of different types and make custom commercial signs that meet your needs and specifications. We want to help you to make an informed decision for your business signage so that you can save time and money. 


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